Are you interested in hosting a representative from MMEI to speak to your organization? We at MMEI are happy to speak about molecular nanotechnology and provide a presentation on what we do as it relates to your business or industry. If you would like to chat with someone from MMEI in this regard, just contact us.


Some examples of ways we have helped organizations through our presentations include:

  • A presentation to the 35 Presidents of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU) inspired the creation of the worlds second college degree program in nanotechnology, followed by many more nanotechnology degree programs at other Minnesota schools.
  • An invited talk to the entire student body of a High School in New Hampshire is credited with inspiring half a dozen students to pursue nanotechnology careers.
  • Nanotechnology session keynote at the Annual Conference on Information Technology.
  • Advanced Technologies session chair at the Princeton Manufacturing Conference
  • Keynote presentation at the International Technology Education Association meeting in New Mexico.
  • Numerous other panel presentations and moderations, educational talks, and technical conference presentations.